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IT Knowledge Base
IT Knowledge Base


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Mobile Telephony is an additional service of ETH Zurich for mobile telephony and is based on the Swisscom Mobile Network. It is managed exclusively by the ID Infrastructure section.


The service is available exclusively to employees of ETH Zurich

Within the Central Organs (ZO) applies additionally:

  • The authorized user groups within the Central Organizations (ZO) are defined in the document "User Groups ZO of ETH Zurich for CMN".
  • All employees of the ZO with a permanent employment relationship have the possibility to apply for a Mobile Telephony subscription of ETH Zurich after the probationary period. The decision as to which persons are entitled to use the subscription and to which usage category the assignment is made lies with the respective department or staff management. Likewise, these offices decide on the allocation of subscriptions for employees with temporary appointments in their area.
  • Within the central organs (ZO), the directive "Corporate Mobile Network (CMN) of the central organs (ZO)" regulates the use and financing of the Mobile Telephony service.


The Mobile Telephony Service offers different types of subscriptions. These are described in the document Tariff Overview (requires ETH Zurich login). The costs incurred for the Mobile Telephony subscription are borne by the respective units. A cost limit of CHF 30 per month applies in the central institutions. Higher costs can be charged to the employees. Responsibility for financing and cost monitoring lies with the budget managers. It is expressly pointed out that no device subsidies are offered and therefore no discounted devices can be obtained via the subscription.

IT Shop

Orders for the Mobile Telephony Service are processed via the IT Shop (requires ETH Zurich login). All orders with cost implications always require the approval of the budget officer via ETHIS. The following orders are possible:

  • Order (transfer of personal subscription to ETH Zurich or subscription with new phone number).
  • Cancellation (transfer of ETH Zurich subscription to employees or cancel subscription with return of call number)
  • Modification (change subscription, cost center, suspension/reactivation)
  • Query eSIM Activation Code (for existing subscriptions, no new subscription orders)


The Mobile Telefony offering in the IT Shop is only available to ETH Zurich employees. ETH Zurich related organizations (such as ETH Rat or ASVZ) must submit orders via mail to


(Transfer of personal subscription to ETH Zurich or subscription with new phone number)

Orders must be placed via the IT Shop (requires ETH Zurich login). The GTC have to be accepted at the end of the ordering process and the budget manager has to give the approval via ETHIS. Afterwards, the order is automatically transferred from the IT Shop to Swisscom and executed.

An eSIM card can be retrieved directly online after a few minutes. A physical 3in1 SIM card is sent to the office address of the person placing the order. Shipping to a private address is not possible.

If you do not have an SAP cost center at ETH Zurich, please contact the responsible person in your unit or ETH Zurich Fleet Management ( for orders.

New phone number

When ordering a subscription with a new phone number, a random phone number is automatically assigned by Swisscom. This cannot be changed subsequently.

Transfer of own private telephone number into the ETH Zurich contract


Only private numbers that are under contract with Swisscom can be transferred via the IT Shop. Private numbers which are under contract with a third party provider must first be ported to Swisscom by the subscription holder himself. To port a phone number from a third party provider to Swisscom, the form Swisscom Swisscom Vollmachtsformular Mobilnummer Portierung DE is available.

Business phone numbers cannot be transferred to ETH Zurich Mobile Telephony via the IT Shop. Business phone numbers cannot be transferred to ETH Zurich Mobile Telephony via IT Shop. For a transfer, the exact name of the company (identical to the registration with the respective provider) is required, please contact

Categories (ZO Organization)

Two policy categories are distinguished when using the Mobile Telephony Service in the ZO. For all other organizational units, the "no policy" setting is stored.

  • Policy Category 1 (top management levels)

  • Policy category 2
    • Employees on standby duty, or those who are called out in the event of an alarm
    • Employees who are not available in their own office for a significant part of the working time
    • Employees with an increased demand for availability, also outside regular working hours

Cancellation or take-over subscription

A mobile phone number can be taken over by ETHZ for private or business purposes. The transfer of a number must be initiated by ETHZ. A private porting to a third-party or 3rd provider is only possible after transfer to Swisscom. Business transfers must always be initiated via e-mail to

ETHZ members can initiate a private transfer via the IT Shop (requires ETH Zurich login). ETH-related organizations (ETH Board, ASVZ) do not have access to the IT Shop and must therefore order the private takeover by e-mail to The following information is required.

  • Telephone number
  • Surname and first name
  • Acquisition date
  • Private e-mail address

Takeover confirmation

As confirmation, Swisscom sends an e-mail/SMS directly to the person placing the order. This message must be confirmed by the subscription holder. Subsequently, identification must be carried out. If the number transfer confirmation is not made within 3 days of the termination date, the subscription is automatically suspended and thus deactivated and can no longer be used. The employee is responsible for the initiated number transfer. Reactivation is not possible if the transfer is not confirmed.

Online identification

A detailed guide for the assignment of the phone number and the online identification is available from Swisscom. In the document Swisscom instructions phone number assignment to private the process is described step by step. Please note that the screen mirroring is switched off on the mobile camera.

Continuation of the call number:

    • Swisscom: Subscription: When changing to a private subscription with Swisscom, identification can be done directly online using the link sent by Swisscom. (alternatively also possible in a Swisscom store).

    • Swisscom prepaid or all third-party providers: When changing to prepaid or to an other provider, the identification must always be done in a Swisscom Shop. Porting to a provider can then be initiated.
    • In case of takeover by the future employer, the phone number will be released by ETH Zurich for takeover. The company that takes over the number can then initiate the direct takeover. In addition, the future employer must specify the company ETH Zurich at the time of the takeover so that the takeover works.

Swisscom message for mobile subscription assignment

Cancellation (return of phone number to Swisscom)

The phone number is returned to Swisscom with the option "Keep own number" => NO. The number will not be assigned for several months and ETH Zurich or the employees are no longer entitled to the number. The cancellation of the numbers will be sent directly to Swisscom when the order is placed in the IT Shop and will be executed immediately. Cancellation on a specific date is not possible at the moment.

  • Telephone number
  • Surname and first name
  • Cancellation date


(Change subscription, cost center, suspension/reactivation)

All mutations are done via the IT Shop (requires ETH Zurich login)

Subscription type / product

The subscription type (voice+data / data) can be customized. In addition, the product can be customized if required.

Products (tariff overview, requires ETH Zurich login):Produkte (Tarifübersicht, benötigt ETH Zürich Login):

  • Voice+Data
    • Natel® go Company Voice
    • Natel® go Swiss Voice
    • Natel® go flex Swiss Premium M
    • Natel® go Swiss Premium (Standard subscription of ETH Zurich)
    • Natel® go Neighbours
    • Natel® go Europe
    • Natel® go Global
  • Data
    • Natel® data go zero
    • Natel® data go light
    • Natel® date go Swiss Premium

Subscription status

A subscription can be temporarily deactivated (suspended) for max. 365 days. The deactivation costs once CHF 25.00. If an APN (data subscription) is assigned to the subscription, the APN must also be removed manually by the fleet manager, please send a ticket to ETH Zurich fleet management ( A suspended subscription can be reactivated. If necessary, an APN (data subscription) must then be reactivated via ETH Zurich fleet management. After 365 days a suspended subscription will automatically be reactivated. Short suspensions (2-3 months) are often not worthwhile. Tip: Leave the subscription activated or cancel it and reorder it if necessary.

Cost center

The monthly costs incurred per subscription are transferred internally via SAP posting either to a cost center or a PSP-element. The correct and current specification of the cost center is the responsibility of the subscription user. The cost center can be adjusted personally at any time via the IT Shop (requires ETH Zurich login). The billing will be made to the cost center or PSP-element stored at the end of the month.

Multi Device

A Multi Device SIM card is an additional SIM card, for example a tablet, smart watch, router, etc. and can be ordered as an option to an existing Voice Mobile Telephony subscription. Additional multi-device cards cannot be ordered for data subscriptions. The Multi Device SIM card is available as an eSIM or as a physical 3in1 SIM card. An additional Multi Device SIM card can be ordered by sending a ticket by mail to (Please indicate alwaxs your mobile phone number on any Ticket)

Upgrade subscription

An upgrade of a subscription requires the approval of the cost center manager. The order can be entered in the IT Shop and must then be approved in ethis by the cost center manager.

Query eSIM Activation Code

(for existing subscriptions, no new subscription orders)

A new activation code for already existing subscriptions (no new subscription orders) can be requested via the IT Shop (requires ETH Zurich login). An e-mail will be sent with the order, with which a QR code can be called up. The link on the mail is valid for 120 hours. After calling the link for the first time, the QR code is valid for another 60 minutes.


Swisscom Cockpit

Swisscom's end-user self-service portal for mobile devices is called Swisscom Cockpit. 
It is possible to manage settings for roaming, data packages, cost limits, etc.. But also various information about the subscription, the devices or the costs can be viewed. Among other things, call forwarding can be managed or phone numbers can be blocked. The Combox can be managed and SIM cards can be blocked. Access to the Swisscom Cockpit does not cause any data or roaming costs, even internationally. Detail for info and instructions Swisscom Cockpit.

SIM Card

Various SIM cards are available for terminal devices. The 3in1 SIM card is available as a physical SIM card. This means that a SIM card is sent which can be adapted to the end device by breaking it out accordingly. The 3in1 SIM cards correspond to the sizes Mini, Micro and Nano. As an electronic SIM card, there is also the so-called eSIM. This is read by a QR code in the corresponding terminal.

The cell phone and the corresponding SIM card must be protected by two different PIN codes. Subscription holders are responsible for setting up and protecting data.

Lock SIM card

If the SIM card or cell phone is lost, the SIM card must be blocked by the subscription holder as soon as possible. The blocking can be initiated independently via the Swisscom Cockpit. This is also possible in a Swisscom Shop or via ETH Zurich Fleet Management (

Replacement SIM card

A replacement SIM card or a change from physical 3in1 to electronic eSIM can be ordered by sending an email to (Be sure to specify mobile phone number)

Data packages for abroad

For data consumption abroad, it is strongly recommended to purchase data packages via Swisscom Cockpit. Data packages are released on a zone (association of different countries). This means that a released data package can not only be used in the country to which it was originally released, but can also be used in any other country that is located in the same zone. Example: If a data package was solved for Italy, this package can also be used for France since both countries are in the same zone. A data package is always valid for 365 days. Billing via the data package can only be done for business use. For private use of the data package, payment is made directly by private credit card. Information on how to buy a data package can be found in the Swisscom Cockpit manual.

Cost overview

Detailed connection statistics, as previously available in the CMN tool, will no longer be available in the future for data protection reasons. As before, the costs are automatically posted to the respective cost center/PSP-element. The SAP document contains the cost types (subscription, data pact, connections), so that the cost control can also take place in SAP as before. Upon request with justification (OTRS ticket), a detailed connection statement over a maximum of the last 6 months can be requested from ETH Zurich Fleet Management ( in exceptional cases.


The call list is available on the terminal to view the calls made or received.

Data costs

Costs for data usage can be viewed in Swisscom Cockpit.

Unlimited data volume (fair use policy), Reduction in speed from 60 GB / month

Various subscriptions include an "unlimited data volume" at maximum speed. Swisscom's "Fair Use Policy" applies to these subscriptions. This means that the provider assumes a "normal" data usage of up to 40 GB per month. The mobile connection is to be used primarily for business purposes. A "normal" private use is allowed, but the Mobile Telephony Service may not replace a private DSL Internet connection, for example. In case of excessive data usage, the provider may impose restrictions. ETH Zurich reserves the right to sporadically analyze data usage and to write to users with extremely high data usageAs of May 1, 2024, the speed will be throttled to 512 kB/s after data consumption of more than 60 GB per month. See also the provider's information letter. Users will be informed after using 48 GB and again at 54 GB and finally at 60 GB per month.


The Service Desk or the Smart Desk are generally available for support.

In addition, ETH Zurich Fleet Management can be contacted at