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PTZ means "pan tilt zoom", the camera can therefore be controlled by the users.


Selected lecture halls are equipped with a PTZ camera, installed at the back of the projector. The main application is automated blackboard recording.
However, the camera can also be integrated into web conferences (Zoom, Teams, etc.).

Video needs light!

Ensure adequate lighting in the lecture hall.

  • Select Expert Mode at the bottom of the touch panel.

  • Navigate to ROOM and then Light.

  • In the case of a blackboard recording, activate the Blackboard lighting and preferably also Speaker's podium.

Camera controls

The PTZ camera is also controlled via the touch panel.

  • Select Expert Mode at the bottom of the touch panel.
  • Navigate to VCONF USB und then Cam Control.

By default, the Blackboard All preset of the Cam Speaker camera is active.
The Blackboard Left and Right presets each show one half of the board.

The Cam lecture hall camera shows the audience area during transmissions.

The Blackboard and Overview presets cannot be changed.
The focus is fixed on the blackboard.

However, you can use the position arrows and zoom to select your own image section and save it to the User 1 and 2 presets.
To do this, hold down one of the two buttons for 3 seconds.
The user presets also activate the autofocus of the camera.

Automated blackboard recording (DIY)

If a recording is programmed in the lecture hall, the following actions are automatically performed 10 minutes before the start of the recording:

  • If the AV system of the lecture hall is switched off, it will be switched on.
  • The display at the back of the lecture hall is switched on. It shows the video image that would be currently recorded.
  • The Blackboard All preset is activated on the PTZ camera.
  • A message appears on the touch panel informing about the upcoming recording and a request to test the microphones.
  • Mute Projection determines what is recorded
    • Mute Projection activated (no projection): Camera image is recorded
    • Mute Projection deactivated (presentation is projected): the presentation signal is recorded

To test the audio, speak into the microphone to be used. You should now hear yourself in the lecture hall.
Additionally, an audio meter is shown on the display at the back of the lecture hall. This allows you to also visually check the audio signal.

In addition to checking the microphone, the following actions must still be performed manually:

Manual blackboard recording

Please contact Multimedia Production in case you want a hand-operated camera (with costs).


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Multimedia in lecture halls and seminar rooms