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1. Who will be allowed to access and use the data?

Should the data be accessible to everyone (open access), within the network of the ETH, or by certain persons?



2. Who is entitled to exercise control over the archived data (e.g. access rights, metadata changes, conservation measures)?

For data provided by a team, we recommend that at least two persons are entitled to make decisions.


3. Are there any special circumstances (e.g. legal peculiarities on sensitive data or ethical concerns about personally identifiable information)?

Does the data contain any sensitive personal information or other information that is protected by Swiss privacy laws (Bundesgesetz über den Datenschutz, DSG)? Is there any information that should be anonymised before publication? In case of contract research, does the contract permit the publication of the data?


4. What information will help third parties to find your data online? Are there already any meaningful titles to the objects or any other identifiers in electronic form? Is there any information available regarding data producers, authors, key words, or the like?


5. Is there any documentation about the data available?

Is it possible to extract key words (metadata) from your documentation?


6. Is there any context information available that could be stored with your data to enhance its reusability?


7. How much storage place is needed for the smallest and largest objects (single files or ZIP containers) that should be accessible individually?


8. Should your data be kept for 10 years, for 20 years, or for an unlimited period?

The shortest storage period at the ETH Data Archive is 10 years. During ten and more years, technological changes may affect the readability of file formats. For retention periods of five years, a simple solution with ETH Zurich's IT Services should be sought.



9. Should the data be made accessible to other persons only after an embargo period?

No embargo period, accessible after a number of years, or never?



10. In your opinion, how often will your data at ETH Data Archive be accessed?

  • Never (only in emergencies)
  • rarely (a few times a year)
  • regularly (several times a month)
  • frequently (several times a week or daily).


11. The following question only applies if Docuteam Packer is used:

  • Before storing the data in the ETH Data Archive, who has control over it and who is allowed to access it?