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  • Who will be the owner of the data?
    In principle, the data creator is the copy right holder of the data and therefore has the right to assign grant a user licence to these data. For multi-partner projects a consortium agreement might be worthwhile. Make sure that you keep enough rights when a transfer of rights occurs as for instance during data upload into a commercial data repository. In case you would lose all rights when using such a repository service, look for alternatives. In addition, all the data that have been generated during an employment at ETH Zurich shall in principle remain at ETH Zurich (see Integrity Guidelines).

  • Which licenses will be applied to the data?
    For research data we recommend the use of Creative Commons (CC) licenses such as CC0 and CC-BY, because they allow easy reuse. However, CC-licences should neither be applied for sensitive data, nor for software and code. Furthermore, all code and software developed at ETH Zurich must be registered at ETH transfer prior to sharing them. Appropriate software licenses apply.

  • Are there any constraints for data sharing and/or reuse of third-party data?
    If you have specific contract agreements on parts of your data with for instance an industrial partner you just need to state that you cannot disclose that data due to this fact. Do not name the partner in case this is already confidential. Please contact ETH transfer, if you are in doubt about contract agreements with research or industrial partners as well as if you are aiming for a patent application.