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IT Knowledge Base
IT Knowledge Base


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Blog hosting

Provides an infrastructure for managing subject-​specific blogs for ETH members and organisational units.

Gallery hosting

Filing system for the storage and presentation of images.

Collaborative LaTeX editor

The collaborative LaTeX editor offers real-time collaboration by multiple authors on LaTex online documents.

Data dashboard

Explore data with visual analyses, share work results using dashboards that allow to perform ad-hoc analyses with just a few clicks.

Personal website

Operation of Linux-based web applications (as CGI). The User Services offer all ETH Zurich students the option of publishing a personal ETH website.

Redirect management tool

Redirects of the old URLs to the new URLs can be configured with the Redirect management tool.

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Revision control

Two products are available to our customers for Revision Control: a Subversion and a GitLab server.

SharePoint site hosting

Providing a custom design collaboration platform for organisational units, project and research teams of ETH.

Online surveys

Select Survey is a web based, easy to use tool, which offers all the necessary features for the creation, execution and analysis of surveys and evaluations.

URL Shortener

The service automatically generates shortened URLs.

Web hosting

Deploying Linux based web infrastructure (bundle) for dynamic websites.

Wiki hosting

Managing a wiki website on our centrally operated platform.