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IT Knowledge Base
IT Knowledge Base


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titleService Information

IT Service Catalogue

Overview: Web&Blog Hosting Services

since it can be confusing to chose the best hosting option for your project, these are the main differences in features, restrictions and pricing:

If you are not sure, what option fits your project best, please contact us! Unfortunately its not possible, to simply move a website between different hosting platforms!

Hosting ServicePricingDomainTarget audienceShort descriptionYou canYou can NOTEdit thru/Access
personal website
  • SLA
  • order: not necessary
Free<username>everyone that wants a simple, personal website programmed in html or php with no preinstalled CMS. will be removed when user leaves ETHold school type ~/homepage/ directory served by an apache webserver, similar to this
  • edit/upload html and php files
  • run basic web applications
  • use advanced web technology like tomcat
  • edit any webserver settings
Blog Hosting
Free *)
(up to 2GB)<your project>everyone that wants a simple, pre-configured WordPress Installation without special requirements. This is the easiest way to get a project page going and everything is available by self service.Preconfigured WordPress environment
  • create up to 5(staff)/2(students) Blogs for free
  • delegate editor/admin rights for your blog
  • create pages in a graphical editor (webbrowser based)
  • install your own Themes/Plugins
  • access by SSH/SFTP
  • access Database by phpmyadmin
Browser based GUI
Blog Hosting
(aka "Domain Based")
  • SLA
  • order:
    • 1) please log in here and then
    • 2) send us a mail here, please mention in comment field that you want a "nameblog (free of charge"

Free *)

(up to 2GB)


see: Blogs Hosting above

The Difference is, that this Service can be reached by an ETH Subdomain.

Preconfigured WordPress environment
  • Edit your page in a Browser
  • delegate editor/admin rights
same as Blog Hosting abovesee: Blogs hosting above
Blog Hosting (customer specific)
500/yrhttps://<yourproject>.ethz.chAdvanced WordPress users that need to be able to install plugins, themes or custom code.Preconfigured WordPress environment with direct access to the system
  • Access by SSH/SFTP to the Linux Server
  • edit your own code
  • Access to the Database by phpmyadmin
  • install and manage your own plugins/themes
  • install system wide packages
  • start/stop apache webserver
  • open rootshell
SSH, SFTP, phpmyadmin, Browser based WordPress GUI
traditional Webhosting
free *)https://<yourproject>.ethz.chEveryone that wants to build a website/web application from scratch, install and maintain custom webapplicationstypical LAMP setup: Linux based Apache, php, mysql/mariadb, perl/python, Tomcat, ...
  • Install whatever webapplication you need on your own
  • Install whatever software you need within your homedirectory (no support from ID BD)
  • create custom scripts/applications
  • start/stop apache webserver
  • install system wide packages (this is not a VM with root access!)
SSH, SFTP, phpmyadmin

*) additional costs might apply for large amount of data, additional software requirements or extended support needs.

this page relates to the ID "Blog Hosting" Service - especially the fee-based "Kundenspezifische Blog-Instanzen mit eigener URL und Verwaltung der Plugins", see SLA 4.1

titleGood to know: Administrators

Every webinstance is assigned to one or several administrators.

This contact is used for:

  • these - and only these - registered contacts can order the deletion of the website.billing
  • invoicing
  • legal responsibility for the content of the website
  • contact person in case of technical issues/maintenanceaccess your Webinstance backend by SMB to edit files, edit SSH keys and configuration files on the server instance itself


(warning) (warning) (warning)

make sure to have at least one registered valid "Web instance administrator" - your website will automatically suspended and deleted if there is no registered admin.
How to register an admin?

  • log in by ssh/smb
  • edit the file ~/conf/servers
  • find the line ADMINS="ethuser1 ethuser2 ethuser3" - add the ETHZ usernames (not email addresses)  who should be a "webinstance administrator"

It is recommended to have multiple admins - so in case of vacation there is a person we can contact. Also be aware that if you leave ETHZ, your NETHZ account will be suspended/deleted. This can cause webinstances to have no valid administrative contact - suspension and deletion of the website will occur!