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IT Knowledge Base
IT Knowledge Base


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titleService Information
IT Service Catalogue

General Information

Inxmail Professional, a proven email marketing solution, allows you to deliver highly personalised newsletters and email campaigns. Intelligent newsletter templates, powerful interfaces to third-​party systems, a high degree of deliverability and outstanding service lay the groundwork for effective email marketing and holistic communication.

Using Inxmail statistical data can be collected to create a market analysis. Other features of Inxmail include the ability to personalise the text, link tracking, create multilingual Newsletters, quality test before shipping, integrate into our content management system and also create an official adaptive layout which was created in collaboration with the Corporate Communications office.

titleCustomer Groups


The newsletter service is available to ETH employees, lecturers and board members of student associations.

titleCosts and Requirements


The use of the newsletter service is subject to a fee. When using our Newsletter service, you are required to use the ETH template and the colours of the colour catalog provided by Corporate Communications.

  • Basic fee for 1 mailing list (ML) (service + template + 1 named user (NU) with training): CHF 300
  • 1 Additional named user: CHF 100
  • 1 Additional named user with training: CHF 200

The renewal fee in subsequent years consists of the basic fee plus the fee for additional named users (e.g. CHF 300 + 1 NU = CHF 400)



If you are interested in using our Newsletter service, then please send an email with the subject "Register to Newsletter service" and the completed registration form (German) to

We would like to point out that the structure of your newsletter created for you is based on the information in your registration form (German). In a further step, you will get an Inxmail training.


Newsletters are not mailings, as we know them from the mailinglists, but they are a marketing tool with many and complex features like link tracking, reporting, personalisation and an adaptive template with predefined areas for images.

In case you do not need these features, we recommend to use our free mailinglist tool Sympa.




Installation files:

Save the installation file and start the installation with a double click. You can click through the installation and do not need to make any adjustments.

titleAdministrator rights are required for the installation of Inxmail

If you do not have administrator rights on your computer, please contact your IT department coordinator, your IT support manager (ISL) or the IT Service Desk.

Configuration after successful installation:

  1. Start Inxmail Professional
  2. Select "Add organisation" and enter the following link in the field "Login URL":
  3. Log in with your username and password
titleChange Password

Please change your password at the first login (only for new users).

Newsletter ETH-Template

The ETH template contains the following components:

  • Standard header (default)
  • Department header in the color of the AEM website (default)
  • Header image (individually customizable)
  • Editorial (with and without table of contents)
  • Components for for content (individually customizable): Articles and teasers can be set freely with or without pictures. Pictures can be put to the left or to the right of texts or cover the whole width.
  • Footer:
    - Links to social media
    - Address of the editorial office
    - Unsubscribe link & imprint


  1. Standard header ETH gray(“ETH/UZH” is also possible)
  2. Departement header in the colour of your AEM website
  3. Header picture, your choice (optional)
  4. Editorial in the colour of your AEM website with table of contents (optional)
  5. Article 1 (picture is optional)
  6. Article 2
  7. Teaser with 3 columns (pictures are optional)
  8. Buttons "Further information" (optional with standard link)
  9. Teaser with 2 columns (pictures are optional)
  10. Links on social media (optional)
  11. Address of the editorial office
  12. Footer with Unsubscribe link and Imprint


titleChange Password


After logging in for the first time, the password can be changed in the Inxmail client by clicking on the user name (top right).

titleLogin-URL invalid


Select "Add organisation" and enter the following link in the field "Login URL":

titleSprache des Inxmail-Client festlegen


Before logging in, click on "Settings" in the lower left corner and select the desired language (the language of the client is independent of the system language).