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Table of Contents

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titleService Information and Update

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Windows Mail configuration (Windows 10 / 11)

The first time you start Windows Mail, you will be asked to set up a mail account. Select "Add account".

Select "Advaned setup" and than "Exchange ActiveSync".

Enter your mail addresse, your password and your and the Server
Choose any account name and click "Sign in".

Your account was set up succsessfully. Click "Done".

The Outlook App for Mobile is not allowed because it caches username and password via Microsoft's cloud server.

titleKnown Problem with Windows 11

In some cases windows 11 means: "Your device does not comply with the security policies set by your email administrator."


  • Make sure you have installed all Windows Updates and the Apps from Microsoft Store are up-to-date too.
  • Make the Windows user a standard user by removing him from the local administrators group. This at least while you adding the mail account.

For the connection to be established to the mail server, you need to accept a set of policies of the mail server. These policies are described in the document "Mobile Mail clients" and are aligned with the Acceptable Use Policy for Telematics Resources at ETH Zurich (BOT). These policies merely pertain to the communication of Windows Mail with the mail server and do not affect the local configuration of your computer!

Select "Enforce these policies".

By default, Windows Mail only synchronises last month's e-mails with the mail server. To display more e-mails, click the gear icon (Settings) at the bottom left.

Select "Manage Accounts".

Click the desired mail account.

Select "Change mailbox sync settings".

Click "Download email from".

Select a time period.