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This manual is intended for RICOH / Nashuatec printers.
On HP printers Scan2ETHIS is available from the Quickset folder.

Create the Scan2ETHIS entry in the address book (if none exists)

MP C305/MP C3003/MP C5503:

Press the Usertools/Keycounter button on the right and then click “Address Book Management” icon

MP C306z/MP C307z/MP C3004/MP C5504:

Open the Homescreen by pressing on the house icon at the bottom of the screen and then click on the “Address Book Management” icon

Create an entry in the address book

Select [New Program]

Click on the [Change] button below the Name field

Enter “Scan2ETHIS” as name and press [OK] to save the text

Open the [Email] tab and click on the [Change] button next to the Email-Address field

Enter and press the [OK] button

Press [OK] to save the entry

Edit your address book entry

This manual assumes that there is an existing entry with your email in the addressbook, if needed you can create one the same way the Scan2ETHIS entry was created.
Open the Addressbook Management (see chapter 1.1)

Click on your entry

Open the [Protection] tab

Click on the [Sender] button to activate it and then press [OK] to save the change

Click the [Exit] button to close the address book management

Scan an invoice to ETHIS

Open the Scanner
Select Scan2ETHIS as destination

Click on [Sender Name]

Click on your own entry to select it as sender and press [OK]

Put the invoice into the automatic feeder at the top and start the process with the green “Start”-button