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Windows One Click Presets

Frequently used Windows printer settings can be saved as a template and exported as well.

1. In the Control Panel - Devices and Printers, right-click on the "Printing preferences" of the printer of your choice.

2. Find under "Frequently Used Settings" all your printer templates.
     Server side, b
y default duplex and black and white has been defined.

3. For frequently used output configurations it is recommended to save a template.
Here in this example, duplex, color with stapling and punching.

4. The current setting can now be saved under "Register Current Settings".

5. Give the template an unique name so you can quickly find the template again.
Here in the example: Duplex, color, staple top left, punch 2 at left

6. After saving, your new template appears in the One Click Preset List

7. It is a good idea to save your own templates (export) for this pleas click on "Manage...".

 8. Select your template and click on "Export ..."

9. You can save your template locally on your computer or on a shared folder.

10. The file is now saved with the template name.

11. For importing, proceed in the reverse order.