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  • Improvement: ELN Dropbox provides now a report with all error messages when registration fails. (SSDM-13794)
  • Improvement: Navigation further avoids to show empty folders in some situations. (SSDM-13827)
  • Bugfix: Back button behaviour was in some situations incorrect. Example: pressing back after navigating to an experiment from an identifier in a table. (SSDM-13811)
  • Bugfix: Zenodo Export form did break in two situations, now fixed. (SSDM-13813, SSDM-13824)
  • Bugfix: Dataset Viewer was not showing the list of files on the DataSet Formform, only on the Collection/Sample forms, is now fixed. (SSDM-13827)


  • Improvement: Vocabulary term template now provides an explanation on how to use it. (SSDM-13817)


  • New Feature: Dropbox monitor (SSDM-13135)right arrow User Documentation - Dropbox Monitor
  • New Feature: Barcode Scanner using camera from the main menu right arrow User Documentation - Barcodes
  • New Feature: New Plugin Interface methods and improve the interface documentation (SSDM-13203, SSDM-13265) right arrow ELN-LIMS WEB UI extensionsExtensions
  • Improvement: Removal of REQUEST.ORDER_NUMBER (SSDM-13199)
  • Improvement: XLS Menu items renames (SSDM-13202)
  • Improvement: Better error messages and email notifications on the ELN-LIMS dropbox. (SSDM-11306)
  • Improvement: Publication API Support for Multi Group setups (Zenodo and research collection exports) (SSDM-11744)
  • Improvement: Performance improvement when building a dropdown with thousands of items on Chrome browsers (SSDM-13549)
  • Improvement: ELN Dropbox helper tool updated (SSDM-13360)
  • Improvement: Use the Vocabulary Term URL on the VIEW mode on forms (SSDM-13436) 
  • Improvement: +new button in ELN is only be added if object type is specified (SSDM-13268)
  • Improvement: Show permId and Identifiers more prominently (SSDM-13197)
  • Improvement: remove +Add button when adding parents in ELN (SSDM-13169)
  • Improvement: Inconsistency in Collection forms between Inventory and Lab notebook (SSDM-12991)
  • Improvement: Add column with default barcode in Collection tables (SSDM-12889)
  • Improvement: Search by size for datasets (SSDM-12472)
  • Improvement: Changes on General Settings in multi-group instances (SSDM-13262)
  • Improvement: Match view of folders on the SFTP to the ELN Navigation menu (SSDM-13261, SSDM-12929)
  • Improvement: Use default ELN-LIMS settings on new instances instead of forcing manual configuration (SSDM-12892)
  • Improvement: Preserve Plugin configurations (SSDM-13413)
  • Bugfix: Date filter on tables (SSDM-13315, SSDM-13156)
  • Bugfix: Boolean value to be now treated as Try-Valued, True, False or Null (SSDM-13481, SSDM-13085)
  • Bugfix: after saving the ELN Settings, the page stays in edit mode, not in view mode (SSDM-13196)
  • Bugfix: UnicodeEncodeError in (SSDM-13367)
  • Bugfix: file-authentication: having special characters in name prevents editing in User profile (SSDM-13171)