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Service Information

UC Telefon Service

The UC Telephone Service can be operated either as a UC Web Client or as a UC Desktop App.

Desktop App (Software Download)

For the ZO, the UC Desktop App can be ordered via Baramundi Kiosk and for all other interested parties, after consultation with the respective ISG, via IT-Shop.

Settings UC Desktop App

Click on the name to open the UC Desktop App settings.

Headset Integration

Headset integration should be disabled under the Ritter desktop app. Otherwise, teams meetings could be interrupted by an incoming call on UC. The app can optionally be started automatically.

Click to Dial

In order to be able to make calls directly from a homepage, e.g. ETHZ person search, the telephony "TEL Standard App" must be set to "UCDesktopApp". (Only works with the UC desktop app and not with the UC Web Client).

Windows - Settings - Apps - Default Apps - Set default by app - Search for UCDesktopAPP

Windows notification

For the pop up window to appear on an incoming call, Windows Notification must be enabled.

Enable notifications for OpenScape UC Desktop Application or (via Microsoft Edge, Chrome etc.)

General settings

The General Settings affect both the UC Web Client and the UC Desktop App.

Call forwarding

Call forwarding can be set via the phone icon.

There are 3 different types of call forwarding available: All calls, when not answered, or when busy.

Block call waiting

To not signal second calls but play a busy signal to the caller. (Recommendation)

Import contacts

In the settings under contacts, contacts can be imported and exported.

The file must be a CSV file.

Export from Outlook

Before a CSV can be imported, an actual file must be exported. Ex. MS Outlook...

Open Outlook - File - Open and export - import / export - select export to file 

Durch Trennzeichen getrennte Werte - Ordner Kontakte auswählen

Phone Control Center

The Phone Control Center offers various settings and options to manage the phone for the user.

More information: Phone Control Center


Functions during call

Various functions are available during the call:

Phone icon: Transfer call to another device E.g. UC Mobile Client

Keypad: For entering numbers during an automatic transfer

Person: Connect, Conference

Connect - Conference

During a call, a 3. party can be selected and a call can be initiated. The first call can either be taken back or then connected to a 3rd person.

Phone icon: Transfer call to another device e.g. UC Mobile Client

Keypad: For number entry in the case of an automatic transfer

Person: Consultation → Connect or Conference

3. party can be selectet and called

Phone icon: Transfer call to another device Ex. UC Mobile Client

Merge arrow: initiate spontaneous conference

Keypad: For number entry in Auto Attendant mode

Leading arrow: Connect call

Schedule conference

With the triangle symbol a conference can be planned and scheduled

Set meeting title, enter date and time, select participants.

UC Troubleshooting - Q&A

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