Please keep in mind  that Zoom requires a digital input (e.g. computer, document camera). If you would like to use it in conjunction with a blackboard recording and/or a transmission to other rooms conctact us beforehand.

This site describes how to use the webconferencing integration with Zoom. However, it also works with other webconferencing solutions (e.g. Microsoft Teams or Google Meet).


All lecture halls under the responsibility of the Rectorate are equipped with a USB interface which integrates the lecture hall audio (microphones and loudspeakers) into Zoom meetings. The document camera can also be used as a source for Zoom meetings via an additional USB connection.

In lecture halls with PTZ camera integration, the same USB interface also offers the PTZ camera signal. This can be selected in Zoom as an external camera.

Audio integration

To use the lecture hall audio, the computer used for Zoom is connected to the lecture hall via the Audio Webconferencing or AV-Webconferencing USB connection.

Depending on the operating system of the connected computer, the webconferencing interface is now visible in Zoom with one of the following designations:

  • Speakerphone (USB Hoersaal)
  • USB Hoersaal

Depending on the default settings, the webconferencing interface must be selected manually (both under Microphone and Speaker!):

The lecture hall microphones are now used as input signal for Zoom.
Audio from the Zoom meeting is played back on the lecture hall speakers.

Document camera integration

The document camera is connected to the laptop via the Docucam Webconferencing USB cable.

It can now be shared as screen content in the Zoom Meeting:

  • In the controls of your meeting, click on Share Screen
  • Then select the Advanced tab and activate Content from 2nd camera

(If a camera other than the document camera is shared, click Switch Camera in the upper left corner of the Zoom window).

Alternatively, you can integrate the document camera as the main camera. Depending on the operating system of the connected computer, it is visible in Zoom with one of the following designations:

  • Wolfvision UVC Camera
  • VZ-​8.UHD

Depending on the default settings, the camera must still be selected manually:


  • via Zoom test meeting or
  • in any zoom meeting via the arrow next to the microphone icon and Test speaker and microphone...

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