There are two options for an E-Pics frontend. The so-called "public frontend" is a frontend accessible to all internet users and / or all ETH members. These are the catalogues that can be found on the E-Pics Website. Although an "internal frontend" looks exactly the same as a public one, it differs in that it can only be accessed by a certain group of users (for example, members of a department or institute) via login. Therefore, it is not displayed on the E-Pics Website.

Basic requirements for creating a frontend:

  •  At least 500 images must be available for a public frontend at the time of the go-live.
  •  Mandatory fields (title, record name and at least one category) must be present in all public images.
  •  All the necessary information for setting up the frontend is available (checklist).


If the above prerequisites are met, it takes 3-4 months for the frontend to be created. After the initial setup, the catalogue owner tests the frontend and provides feedback to the E-Pics team. Requests for changes are implemented if technically possible and compatible with the other catalogues (uniformity). The catalogue is then tested one more time and if everything is correct, it is accepted by the E-Pics Change Board. As a result it goes online at the planned date and linked to the E-Pics Website. The order of the catalogues on the website is historical, placement requests are not accepted.

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