E-Pics works with Canto's Digital Asset Management (DAM) software Cumulus. There is a locally installed client, the so-called Native Client, where all Cumulus functions are fully available, and there is also a browser-based WebClient, whose functions are limited compared to the Native Client (versions 8.6 and 10.1.3). It is especially suitable for downloading pictures and making small changes.

Canto provides online help for both the Native Client and the WebClient (English only):

Native Client Version 11.1.4

WebClient 11.1.4

The help sites are very extensive and can be consulted by E-Pics customers at any time. However, we would like to point out that not everything that can be found there can also be implemented in E-Pics. Due to the large number of customers, we work with a standard that forms the basis for all catalogues in E-Pics. We are happy to look at any adjustment requests, but large or profound changes usually cannot be implemented.

The instructions in this wiki provide basic knowledge about how to use the software. They are updated regularly. If instructions on specific topics are missing or if a workflow remains unclear, please contact us.


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