Depending on the catalogue, all, only some, or no images are available for download. 

Anywhere the download icon is visible, an image can be downloaded. 

Download from the thumbnail view.

Download from the information view. 

From the collection basket you can download images with "Download assets". With more than one image a zip file will be downloaded.

Note: If your collection basket contains images that cannot be downloaded, the "Download Assets" and "Create PDF" options do not appear.

You will be offered one or more options for downloading images, depending on the catalogue. 

If you need images in a different resolution, please contact the catalogue owners. 

As a logged in user, you can download your collections.

To do so, click on the "Available Collections" in the upper right corner. All your collections will be displayed. If you want to download a collection, open the menu on the right side and choose "Download". 

Note: You can only download a collection if all images in this collection are downloadable! Otherwise no options appear in the download window. 

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