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Requests, failure reports and repairs

Please contact us via email or phone +41 44 632 77 77

Service Information and Update

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Service description


The cost defined storage (CDS) service provides large quantities of storage space ( > 100 TB) for researches, teachers and employees of ETH. The storage can be provided via NFS or SMB and connect to HPC cluster at ETH. The storage nodes are from OUs family and the storage space available depends of the desired service.

Customer Benefits

The storage node should be easy for customers to order and use. The following service characteristics are provided by the IT Service group:


5 year subscription to a number of current storage nodes (from 325 TB of useable storage space) The IT Service group is responsible for the purchase, coordination and installation of the hardware in the OU server/ computer rooms.


Like in QoS-​1 the service includes the initial system installation and system configuration, maintenance of hardware and operating system however, with additional system and storage management options.


The customers can purchase a subscription in parts of a storage node-​ ¼ . ½ , ¾ and 1 whole storage node capacity is possible. The minimum term of a subscription is one year.

Customer Groups / Cost / Order

Customer Groups
  • ETH internal units: department ISGs (researchers, lecturers, staff, IT administrators, providers of other ICT services).
  • ETH external: Researchers from other research institutions, ETH related units





Subscription price

One off payment for the procurement process incl. 5 years of maintenance

from CHF 55,000

One off payment for the procurement process incl. 5 years of maintenance

from CHF 55,000

Annually only

CHF 40 per TB

Initial System Installation

QoS1-​plus: 4000



System Management


QoS-​2-plus: CHF 2,000 per year


 Storage and system management


 CHF 4,000 per year

 CHF 1,200 per year


Please contact for initial advice from the storage team.

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