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Table of contents:

Requests, failure reports and repairs

Please contact us via email or phone +41 44 632 77 77

Service Information and Update

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Service description


IT Services manages a number of different computer classrooms in the main ETH Zurich building. The computer classrooms are provided for online exams (1st priority), lectures and classes (2nd priority) and for general use (3rd priority). In total 200 computers are available to students and teaching staff. Students and staff can login by using their personal ETH account. The computers feature a dual-​boot mode which allows the user to choose between Linux or Windows as operating system. The user is provided with a large software library. The service owner guarantees a standardised configuration and provides also maintenance of hardware and software. If a lecturer requires additional software for a course, he may contact Managed Services. This service is offered under the condition of identical configuration across computers and also on behalf of ETH departments and institutions.

Customer Benefit

The computer classrooms at ETH Zurich can be used for a specific event (online exam, lecture or exercise). Between those specific bookings, they are open for general use. Booking is mandatory for these special events. The computers in the computer classrooms provide a standardised configuration (Windows 7 and Fedora Linux). We offer full support to the customer, including maintenance of the operating systems and if needed specific software.

Supported customer processes
  • Online exams (Windows and Linux)
  • Lectures and exercises
  • Common use and other events

Customer Groups / Cost / Order

  • The use of the computer classrooms is free for ETH students and staff.
  • Lecturers can book the classrooms via the room reservation tool. Additional software could be installed on request.
  • In the main building, classrooms can be booked via the room and course reservation website. Bookings can be viewed online.
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