With Exchange 2016, the way public folders are accessed in the OWA changed to a “subscription model”. This means that public folders must be «subscribed to» individually. They then appear in your favorites. It is no longer possible to map and browse a hierarchical structure in the OWA. If two or more public folders have an identical name, they will also be displayed with the same name in the favorites.


  1. Login to Outlook Web Access ( with your “ETH Username and Passwort for E-Mail (Active Directory)”.
  2. “Right-click” on the Favorites on the left side of the browser and select “Add public folder to Favorites”.

  3. Select the folder you want to “subscribe” to then click on “Add to Favorites”.

If the public folder is mail-enabled, it will now appear under your favorites.

If the public folder is a calendar, it appears in your calendar overview in the section "Other calen-dars".