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Service description


The IT workstation and server infrastructure used at ETH Zurich is tailored to the specific needs of research, teaching and administration. To operate this infrastructure efficiently, flexibly and scalably, the following operating system and software distribution systems, client deployment systems, and other tools are available. Together, these solutions manage approximately 20,000 clients and servers.

The packaging of software products forms part of this service. Packaging entails the preparation of all required software products so that they can be automatically installed and uninstalled without user intervention as well as making ETH- or customer-specific presets and configurations.

A central antivirus management console is available to complement the above services and provides an additional security element.

All solutions used have an easy-to-use user interface and enable the extensive delegation of functions and roles to support groups or end-customer advisers, known as deployment managers. These features allow independent adaptation and optimisation of the managed systems, for example with regard to configuration, software package integration, type of software distribution (from automated to self-service), continuous patch management, inventory, flexible help for support in the area of IT security and much more


The Jamf Pro solution used for macOS-​, iOS-​ and iPadOS-​based devices also has a “Self Service” kiosk application for end users. The solution has been in operation since 2018.


The deployment system used for Linux Red Hat Satellite in combination with Ansible enables reproducible, automatic installation and configuration of Red Hat Enterprise Linux based servers, maintenance of the operating system and other applications.


The baramundi Management Suite (bMS) solution used for Windows-​based computers has been in operation since 2007 at ETH Zurich. In addition, independent baramundi instances each with several thousand Windows computers are operated at PSI and at Eawag.

A Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) is available to supplement the ETH internal update source for Microsoft client and server operating systems and applications.

Antivirus solution

The Sophos Enterprise Console (SEC) solution provides centralised management of Sophos Endpoint Security and Control antivirus software, including the release of antivirus updates and end-​system reporting on the status of antivirus software and the problems and incidents detected.

Terminal server farm for enterprise administration tasks

The ID-​4EA Farm service is based on Microsoft Remote Desktop Services and offers a central entry point for using administration consoles of various ETH Zurich IT Services infrastructure backend services, which are used for client and server management.

Virtual server or server management

The Virtual Server or Server Management service was reorganised as of 1 January 2018 and is provided via two IT Services groups. It is essentially based on a highly available VMware ESXi environment, for which the IT Services Server group is responsible up to and including hypervisor level. The IT Services Client Delivery group is now responsible for the provision and maintenance of Linux and Windows virtual machines on a contract basis.

Customer Benefit

Automating installation and maintenance processes increases the quality of software distribution and operational stability.

In combination with the antivirus solution, it increases the security of managed systems.

In addition, it saves time and reduces support effort, which in turn reduces costs.

Customer Groups / Cost / Order

Customer groups

The service is exclusively available to the following customer groups:

IT Support Groups (ISG) including support groups for IT Services, IT Coordinators and IT Managers at professorship, institute or department level.


The services are financed centrally by IT Services and can be used free of charge by all organisational units of ETH Zurich.


Please contact us if you are interested. We would be happy to advise you personally.

Service access to the aforementioned solution will only be set up after deployment managers have completed the ETH internal training course; following this, service access will be available to you within one to five working days. You will also have access to the customer portal of IT Services Client Delivery, which contains lots of useful information and service-specific instructions.